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Columbia Golf & Country Club invites you to become a Member.

Since 1919, the Club has been the social and sports center for Columbia County. Nestled in Claverack, NY the Club is located ten minutes from bustling Hudson, NY;  two hours north of New York City and a short drive from Berkshire County, MA. Its 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, restaurant,  attract a diverse group of people as members.

Introductory Membership - Our Introductory Membership is a one year membership. Privileges include full access to all facilities and activities of the Club, including the golf course, driving range, tennis, swimming, restaurant, tournaments, and social events. Both family and single memberships are offered. Introductory Members have the opportunity to become full members of the Club with voting privileges at the end of the one year introductory period.

Dues for 2017-
Single Membership - $3,100*
Family Membership - $3,800* 

*Additional taxes and fees apply including a monthly restaurant minimum , facilities maintenance fee & captial fee.

House Membership – House Members enjoy full use of the pool, tennis, restaurant, and social events, including all facilities of the Club except the golf course and practice range. There is no restaurant minimum.

Single - $500
Family - $1000

Student and Junior Memberships – Advantageous membership dues are offered to Students (12 to 22 years of age) and Juniors (23 to 36 years of age). There is no restaurant minimum.

Student - $500 per year single, $1000 per year family
Junior – Starting at $685 per year single, $1000 per year family for Members age 23, gradually increasing with age.

See the full 2017 Student and Junior dues schedule here.

All dues and fees are subject to sales tax.

The Club admits members without regard to race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, religion, or national origin.

Download the 2017 Columbia Golf & Country Club_Membership_Application

For more information on membership, please call Lisa Thurin at the Business Office at (518) 851-9195 or email Completed membership applications may be faxed,  mailed  to Columbia Golf & Country Club, Inc P.O. Box 646, Claverack, NY 12513,  or delivered in person to the Club's Business Office at 295 Route 217, Claverack, NY 12513. Please call the Business Office in advance to determine the amount due with the application, and to confirm the office hours if delivering in person.


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